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BETA ~ Bicycle-Equestrian Trails-Assistance

BETA Bicycle-Equestrian Trails-Assistance
BETA Trail Report

BETA stands for Bicycle Equestrian Trail Assistance - but that's just where we started. We now have birders, native plant "nurturers", dog sledders, hikers, runners, dog walkers . . . as well as mountain bikers, road cyclists, and horse riders. We aren't united by our activities, we're united by our appreciation of Ft. Ord National Monument, where we can ALL follow our passions - it just takes a little cooperation.

BETA's fundamental goal is to provide visitor assistance and promote shared recreational use at Ft. Ord National Monument, including supporting BLM by doing trail censuses and docenting. All members are First Aid and CPR certified, contributing to how we can provide support at events on the National Monument, such as mountain bike races and marathons. Our members go into schools with BLM rangers to present programs about the Ft Ord National Monument environment. And we've recently begun an effort to have a presence at the main trailheads to answer questions the public may have.

If you are interested in contributing to Ft Ord National Monument, and in meeting like-minded people, our meetings are the second Wednesday of every month. Check out our member application on this site or submit an email request for more information on how to become a member.

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Current Fort Ord Weather

Live Weather Picture

Equestrians and Cyclists... Please avoid the Trails for 24 hours following the end of Rain

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Artifacts and remnants discovered by BETA 7 while on a recent BETA Patrol.

Trailboss, Joe explains last minute Sea Otter Classic details

BETA is charged with providing First Aid and Course Marshal Support for Sea Otter Classic.

"Sheep Are BAAAAck at Fort Ord"

Please Click Here for information on Fort Ord Sheep(pdf)

Learn CPR

Sea Otter Classic 2014

Sea Otter Maps & Schedules

Hello All BETA members,

Sea Otter is coming up rapidly. This year the XC race course route is changed considerably, including 17 Marshal Points(up from 12 in prior years). While we will be assisted by Ski Patrol again, we need maximum member turn-out to make this year work well.

Another change is we only work Sat, 12 Apr and Sun 13 Apr. Sat from 10:00 to about 14:00 hr for the Professional races; and Sun from 06:30 to about 14:30 hr for Cat I,II and III races, followed by the XC FONDO (public fun ride).

We will need horse patrol members for sure this year – especially in the T 47 area, as well as along Skyline Rd.

Please let me know your availability so I can plan location sighting and coordination with Ski Patrol .

Joe Rodgers

BETA 8 “Trailboss”

Mudhen Lake the depth of drought - January 2014.

...following 24 hours of rain. February 2014

Following a "normal" winter (May 2011)


Look for the new Fort Ord National Monument signs. New Monument Signs going up all around the boundary. Special prize to anyone who can guess how many signs that once said Public Lands have been replaced this week. This sign is near Laguna Seca campground. - Eric

These two future Sea Otter Classic Bicycle Racing Champions stopped to talk with me while I was on BETA Docent Patrol at the BETA Bob & Virginia Bench. They explained to me that they had just biked up Old Reservation Road to the Trail 30 junction and then back down the trail to Creekside Terrace. Moments later their Mother and Grandmother arrived and validated the accomplishment.

I was tempted to offer them BETA Application Forms. Well, In a few years...

BETA 26 and friends prepare for a Equestrian BETA Patrol

BETA Provides BLM Docent Service at Badger Hills Trailhead

A BETA Docent recently counted over 130 hikers enjoying the trails of Badger Hills

BETA Fort Ord Map

Start the season out right. Get yourself a detailed Fort Ord map. Explore every trail. Find every treasure.

"They make great gifts for your friends and family and they are only 2 bucks."

Visit BETA's Fort Ord Map Page

BETA Seven drives his vehicle to BETA Corners, deep within Fort Ord, and launches his bicycle patrol. Subsequently he encounters Law Enforcement Ranger Nick. BETA members, visit our BETA Executive Report to read about this exciting encounter. Not a BETA member? Learn more...

"Don't be this Guy..."

Click Here or on the image above to visit out of control biker behavior

BETA Thanks to Eric Morgan and Billy Jakl for the "heads-up" on this video from the...
Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance in Washington State.

Some Tips for when You Bring Your Horse to Ft Ord . . .

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Band-Aid First Aid Guide

Please Click Here for a Printable Band Aid First Aid Guide(pdf)

BETA Patrol

BETA 16, Pam helps mitigate parking lot conflicts at Creekside Terrace during a recent patrol.

Contact Fort Ord BLM
(831) 394-8314

Creekside Terrace Grand Opening Anniversary

Park Responsibly

If you Park in the Equestrian Lot (unpaved), park in a manner that provides safe entrance and exit by vehicles with horse trailers. Please be careful to not block the lanes.

Creekside Terrace 9th Anniversary this March

Grand Opening!

Announcing Badger Hills

Congressmen, County Supervisors, Top BLM State Level Officials, Reservation Manager, Rangers, Technicians, Teachers, School Children, the Press, Volunteers and Guests were all there and all participated. The event was a raging success. Built to help handle the Creekside Terrace visitor overflow, Badger Hills is taking on a new life of its own. With sweeping vistas, challenging trails and even an intermittent creek and a restaurant, this new Fort Ord access point will quickly make its mark.

On Highway 68 across from the Toro Place Cafe
N36 35.124 W121 42.776

Visit a Photo Show of Toro School Children Opening Badger Hills

Scott, PJ, and Donna and friends hit the open trails
Wanna Ride?

Meg's Rock.

Do you Remember...
these Ft Ord Trail Names/Numbers?

Remember when Three Sisters was known as "Trail 10?"

Remember when Lookout Ridge was known as "Trail 11?"

Remember when Merrill Road was called Trail 7 or "Dead End Road?"

Is it spelled "Henniken's" Ranch Road or "Henneken's" Ranch Road?

Which map is right?

Click on this link to see a 2004 BLM Map of Ft Ord

August 2004 Ft Ord Map (pdf)

Toro Creek Rages at Creekside Terrace Bridge

An otherwise dry creek bed takes on a new "persona" after heavy March 2011 rains swell Toro Creek.

Bicycle Equestrian Trails Assistance
Providing Information, Aid and Assistance to the Fort Ord Trail Community as Bicyclist, Equestrians and as Hikers with knowledge, care, and pride.

Copyright 2014 BETA

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